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    To transform the web on a global scale

    Team 34rth (pronounced “earth” (/ɜː(r)θ/)) is a group of tech and crypto enthusiasts located in Germany and the Netherlands. We truly believe that the internet will be completely transformed with blockchain technology. At the beginning, content and platforms are most likely to change. Further down the road, we expect infrastructure and communication protocols to change. One upside of such a protocol improvement, is the potential to increase battery life of IoT devices.

    Instead of watching from the sidelines, we decided to actively contribute. What separates TRON is the goal to become a completely democratic, collaborative community.

    One aspect in need of improvement is the current voting system in which one frozen TRX equals one vote. Together with the community, the Super Representatives and the TRON foundation we would like to challenge this and establish a truly democratic system in which each Tron owner has one vote – regardless of race, color, sex or money at their disposal.


    To secure the TRON network, we’ve containerized the Tron super-node infrastructure on Heroku and developed APIs to automatically check the balance of our main account. Accordingly, to our Charta, we will invest 55% of the reward balance to automatically scale the instances, maximize node productivity and avoid downtime. To date, we’ve invested more than USD 80k to build and automate our infrastructure and we’re dedicated to continue investments in line with our promise.


    We’re dedicated to developing, informing and actively maintaining the TRON community and consequently 25% of the reward balance is dedicated to the community. To incentivize non-technical community members as well, our full community plan will reward active users for a variety of contributions.