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TronLive is the first TRON community site that aims to unite all Tron supporters together. We believed in decentralized system and want to promote world-wide Tronix adoption. TronLive need supporters like you so more people are aware of TRON and have a good understanding of what TRON is all about. Join us to build a powerful TRON community with supporters from all around the world so we can share the latest news, learn about TRON updates, and witness the growth of TRON together.

A community won’t be complete without strong supporters like you. Therefore, we need as many volunteers to help and collect information, debunk fake news, suppress FUDs by researching and providing actual answers to uncertainties and so on.

TronLive will also serve as a connecting block, not only to connect people with other people but connecting community with bigger entities like Tron network and its partners. We believed that with a clearer view of the entire Tron ecosystem, supporters will gain more confidence and have more faith in TRON!