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Justin Sun’s open letter to the community on TRON protocol progress

On September 25 (GMT+8), TRON CEO, Justin published an open letter to the community to update the progress of TRON protocol. Below is an easy-to-understand summary of the open letter.

Evolution of TRON Protocol

In the upcoming TRON Network Version 3.6.5, TRON Network will be transforming from the delegated proof of stake (DPoS) model to a hybrid model of DPoS and PoS that improves the staking system. At present, the TRON’s delegation mechanism has the following 3 issues:

i) High threshold for participating in the TRON election as there’s a big gap between 27th and 28th TRON Super Representative position. This is because the rewards gained by the 28th candidate is significantly lower than that of the 27th candidate.

ii) Rewards distribution are not fully decentralized as it is out of the scope of blockchain management. Therefore, some super representatives may delay the distribution of dividend to its voters or not obey their promises at all.

iii) On-chain governance and incentive mechanism not separated.

TIP (Tron Improvement Proposal) 53 plans to solve all these issues to encourage more exchanges, TRON partners, wallets, staking mining pools and community members around the world to run for TRON Partners!

SUN Network – TRON Network sidechain scaling solution

SUN Network will be launched on Sept 25, as part of the TRON Network sidechain scaling solution. Its customizable feature allows Decentralized Apps (dApps) to be up and running on the chain with extremely low energy consumption, high efficiency and security. SUN Network will provide unlimited scalability to TRON MainNet and offer support to ever-growing smart contract transactions.

Blockchain Interoperability & Cross-Chain Communication

TRON believed the future will be a world where a number of chains can co-exist and interact with each other. Therefore, TRON has proposed its own cross-chain plan, where a number of parachains will be linked to and supported by the TRON chain. By the end of December, the development team will finish the cross-chain mechanism.

One-click Blockchain Deployment Project

TRON Foundation has launched One-click Blockchain Deployment Project, where users can generate and deploy their own public chains or alliance chains simply by operating on graphics and icons, and set modules like transaction types and consensus mechanisms according to their own needs. The Beta version is expected to be released in mid-November.

TRON Anonymous Token Project

The project has been running smoothly on the testnet for over a month. One of the main advantages of this project is it offers high anonymity. The sender and the receiver’s addresses and the transfer amount can all be fully confidential. It also offer high transactions per seconds (TPS) which guarantees over 100 TPS. The anonymous project will go public in Version 4.0 and the team expects to start working on multi-party computation (MPC) in October as a prelude to the launch of the anonymous network.