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    Community Node - Informative, Reliable, Rewarding.

    Community Node has been involved in the Tron network since day 0. On April 27 we were the first SR group to produce blocks on the Tron test net, and we have continued on as leaders in Tron network topology design and administration. Our expertise has been lauded by several Super Representatives who have shown their support for our candidacy.

    We are a collection of professionals who were drawn to the idea of operating a witness node on the Tron blockchain. We come from the Tronics community, from various walks of life and from all around the globe. To us, Tronix is more than just a cryptocurrency, it is a chance to take part in the decentralization of wealth and power. Our desire is to help the public use the TRX coin and the Tron blockchain to run distributed applications with their own custom tokens.

    Our contribution to the Tron Network is to be the customer focused Super Representative. With so many Super Representative organizations supporting developers of Tron dapps, we think there’s a big piece of the puzzle missing. We have opened a Tron Help Desk on Telegram, and are active in answering questions on the /r/Tronix subreddit. Our initiatives are designed to spread the adoption of TRX blockchain features by increasing accessibility and supporting development, as well as applying the blockchain features in innovative ways.In return, we hope the Tronics community will recognize our value to the TRX ecosystem and vote for our organization to run one of the Super Representative witness nodes.

    Announcement from SR

    Community Node Launches First Open Source Project!
    Imagine an e-commerce store that paid for referrals, using the customer's TRX wallet address to track the referral, and used smart contract logic to give the customer the same buying confidence they get from Amazon and eBay.

    The Community Node Tron SR group is launching its first initiative - and it's a big one. We are spearheading a Tron e-commerce application which uses TRX as the base currency.

    This has been started as a git hub repository and will be an open source project. That means the ownership is in the public domain and anyone is free to add to it, take from it, or modify it for another purpose as long as they do not create paid-for software with it. We do not care if someone takes the idea and runs with it. Our goal is to see this application reach the light of day in the quickest manner possible.



    Our commitment to the Tron network is long term. We understand that Super Representative block rewards aren’t merely an income stream. It will allow us to ensure that the growth of the Tron network is smooth and sustainable.

    In addition to providing the resources that will run the Tron network on day one, we have a responsibility to the long term growth of said network. We will add another cluster of nodes as the value of TRX rises, and have planned one of the largest deployment footprints of any Super Representative organization.


    Not only does our rewards plan pay out 80% of our Super Representative earnings, it does so by putting away about 2% a day into a piggy bank which will enable us to do several things: First it is a cushion against the fluctuations of Super Representative earnings. Second it will let us pay rewards every 6 hour election cycle, before we have claimed the block rewards for that cycle. And third, by combining points one and two, and calculating our rewards based on the daily average, our reward per vote will become predictable and we can set the rate of the reward before the election cycle.

    What’s more, when the current TronSR program ends in 2021, we will use all of the TRX saved up in our payout fund to purchase bare metal servers and position us for the next phase of the Tron development timeline.