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    Reliability and services in a new era of changes

    CryptoChain is a community formed by a group of entrepreneurs located in Brazil, enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with the goal to disseminate the knowledge and technology in the World.

    We have two main characters leading the CryptoChain movement. Both are professors at same university in Brazil, heaving with them the mentality of spreading knowledge so that all can grow together. In addition to the university career, they also started early with entrepreneurship, in the telecommunications and automation process field.

    It’s also value to mention that we are early investors of Tron’s TRX, and our goal is for the Tron network to grow in a healthy way and provide its users with a spectacular and decentralized internet.

    Announcement from SR

    Trail to the TOP
    Thank you for Trust CryptoChian as your Tron Super Representative (SR).
    We have made progress on the Hard Wallet development with Ledger Blue. Hope soon be delivering another great hardware opportunity to the whole community.
    We need help with Trezor wallet. Our code is ready to ship, but we need the community support with Trezor Team, for them to give us feedback on the integration process.

    Community Reward Percentage UPDATED
    - Giving 85% rewards back to our voters
    - Distribute on a daily basis

    Thank you!


    During the past couple months, we have been actively supporting the community and developers at Tron’s slack channel. Doing our best to create a healthy grown environment. Our test node, and now the Mainnet, has been Up since then, securing the network stability and possible flaws.

    Besides the Mainnet node, we will keep the infrastructure for the Testnet, so developer can continue their jobs. This infrastructure will be constantly updated, and once stable, the updates will be carried to the Mainnet node.

    We will have a backup infrastructure for the Mainnet to ensure the 24/7 node uptime. This backup infra will also ensure the uptime during the nodes protocol updates.

    As stated on the introduction, we are early investors of Trons-TRX, and long term holders. We believe in trons proposal of a better and decentralized internet. Not only monetarily, but we know how the technology works and how it could change the whole telecommunication system.

    We are working on a partnership with a local company to integrate TRX in their payment system, that today only have support for BTC, BCH and ETH. Once the partnership and the integration is complete, liquidity will be added to the market providing usability to whole Tron community.


    If elected to be part of Tron’s SR, we will be reinvesting part of the rewards in a creation of a technical team able to disseminate the knowledge and also provide new dAPPs to the network and it’s users, with the common goal of making it grow.

    Rewards and give away is also part of CryptoChain campaign on Tron’s Mainnet. Mostly we will be sharing rewards with all our voters depending how their stake participation, but also with the community developers that will be contributing to ours dAPPs. Give away will be part of promotions that we will holding to bring more outsiders to Trons Network.

    A set of video streams, most technical content, has already been planned in order to allow new developers to start producing for Tron’s Network.