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    If you built it, they will come

    Free Space is located Reno, NV, USA. Our roots started in LAN / WAN networking over 20 years ago. We are investing in Tron for all the right reasons and take a long-term viewpoint. We believe in the overall mission, a decentralized network, and community spirit. We have a combination of technical, marketing and communication skills, which makes us perfect SR candidates. We believe the follow items are the reasons that you will want to vote for Free Space.

    • Perfect combination of performance and price
    • Continued testing, optimization and reinvesting
    • Full financial transparency
    • Small business minded entrepreneurial management
    • Located 20 miles from the first Tier 5 data center in the world
    • Life-long enterprise IT experience
    • Adequately self-funded

    An Interview with TronLive


    We are dedicated to building a network to support Tron’s vision of a new internet.  We will put our first $2,000,000 of our top 27 SR block rewards back into the network and network operations. And then, do the same with the first million each year after that. We need to build a Tron army of the best and brightest technical team. We intend to execute on the following:

    1. A three phased roll out of SR network operations.  Details can be found at the link below.
    2. We want to lead the effort to bring Tron to every country on the planet. We will work with aspiring engineers from all over the world and help fund the hardware and bandwidth needed so they can install and maintain a full-node on the Tron network.
    3. Build and operate a public Tron test net. This will allow aspiring engineers the opportunity to configure servers, build blocks, monitor logs, and eventually become Super Representatives.


    We are committed to information flow back to our voters.  We realize as SRs we will have insight and information on many topics that our voters crave.  We will make that available via reddit, telegram, and YouTube.

    Like a maturing company that offers a profit sharing on dividend plan, we do believe there is a time to pay our voters with TRX, but not initially.  As stated above, we need to put our SR rewards back into the network and network operations, and the more we put back into the network, the more we accelerate the increase in the price of TRX. The more we take out of the ecosystem in dividends, the more we stunt the growth of the price of TRX. We believe strongly that this model will return the highest ROI for our voters.