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    Security and Reliability, Fueling TRON Beyond Infinity

    Infinity Stones is a silicon valley based technology company that specializes in both cloud management platform and cyber security protections for blockchains. It is incubated and fully sponsored by Danhua Capital, the world’s top investor in blockchain technology. Our team is comprised of renowned scholars and faculties from top tier academic institutes in the world such as Yale, Columbia and Georgia Tech, and business leaders from established companies in the hi-tech and investment industries such as Google, Oracle, Intel, C3 IoT, UBS Investment Bank etc.


    We provide two services to secure TRON network:

    • Our cloud management platform provides a easy-to-use interface for its users to manage TRON super node in different cloud environments, automate super node deployment and software provision; monitor blockchain stats and cluster health, cut cloud infrastructure costs, and provide instantaneous elastic scalability in case of explosive blockchain traffic.
    • Our cyber security service provides a set of proprietary solutions to guard TRON network. Unlike traditional software, blockchain software tends to have higher level of openness, as a result, it’s more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We offer a new blockchain-specific load balancer combined with a Intel SGX based confidential computing system to offer a hacker-proof platform for running blockchain services and applications.


    Infinity Stones will make our best efforts to maximize the benefits of our supports and the whole TRON community from both economic and technical perspective.

    Infinity Stones has assembled a well-connected team with strong technical background and deep understanding of the industry. By leveraging our relationships with other influencers in the industry and in the academic circles, we can help expand TRON’s influence in the academic community as well as in the industry. We will host a series of seminars and workshops to marketing TRON to both academia and major enterprises.

    Infinity Stones is incubated and fully supported by Danhua Capital, the world’s leading investor in blockchain technology. We can explore potential opportunities for collaboration between TRON and any of the technology companies invested by Danhua, which will create synergy in the business development. We can also develop or migrate dApp projects onto TRON network. Danhua Capital has invested and is currently incubating a large number of dApp projects that can migrate to or develop a version based on TRON, which will help build up the TRON’s ecosystem.

    We are a silicon valley-based company, incubated and fully sponsored by Danhua Capital (DHVC). We provide cloud management services and security solutions for Blockchains.