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    SKYPEOPLE!! To the Moon!!

    This is TRON SR SkyPeople.

    SkyPeople is located in South Korea Pangyo, and we are the creator of Mobile RPG game <FINAL BLADE>.

    <FINAL BLADE> is currently published in Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau, recording the sales of over 18 million USD so far.

    Also, we are running the <Mineral Hub> project which is blockchain business platform developed with our own technology based on DPOS consensus protocol.
    <Mineral Hub> is the infrastructure service for who willing to have a blockchain business to build a blockchain service.

    Testnet has been released on November 2018. Details can be checked in the Github.

    For more information, please visit our group chat :

    Skypeople TRON SR Official telegram Group :

    English : https://t.me/TRONSRskypeopleGLOBAL

    Korean : https://t.me/TRONSRskypeopleKR

    Announcement from SR

    80% Reward / 2% coin airdrop
    Testnet has been released on November 2018. Details can be checked in the Github.

    Testnet Links :
    ● Mineral Hub GitHub (Link : https://github.com/mineralhub/mineral)
    ● Explorer Frontend (Link : https://github.com/mineralhub/mineral-frontend)
    ● Explorer Backend (Link : https://github.com/mineralhub/mineral-explorer)
    ● Telegram-GLOBAL (Link : https://t.me/MineralHubGLOBAL)
    ● Telegram-KOREA (Link : https://t.me/MineralHubKOR)

    An Interview with TronLive


    • Provide resource usage report by interval
    • Provide about improvement of problem report
    • Various system test using own node
    • Add Tron session to educate developers with Tron blockchain technology


    • Our plan for the Rewards to the voters
    1. Rewards to the voters : 35% –> 80%
      1. Airdrop will be done within a day regularly.
    2. Operation budget : 10%
      1. Service management fee
    3. Hardware maintenance fee : 10%
      1. Server maintenance
    4. New Blockchain RND budget : 45% –> 0%
      1. We are going to airdrop the 2% of volume
        at the moment of mainnet for the blockchain system we are developing.  
    • What is the new blockchain we are developing?
      • Main feature is “the payment which the blockchain is applied” and “the Item market system”.
      • Our goal is the decentralization of the data by applying blockchain technique in the game and server data step by step.
      • As the SDK format, it will be open to GITHUB, and any developer or company can freely use it.
      • When ICO, we support the exchange with TRX.
      • More details will be opened during the Testnet.
    SkyPeople is the gaming company the creator of . We are developing the gaming blockchain SDK, and it will be applied in the games. As a TRON SR, we have a server hardware prepared ready to generate the block anytime. Server Configuration : AWS-CloudWatch Full Node — x1.32 TronScanAPI — t2.xlarge TronTelegram — t2.medium