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    Support & transparency for our supporters and TRON community

    Made4web S.A.S has over 14 years of experience working extensively with public institutions in areas including university, medical and government. We are also contracted by private companies in:
    – Networking
    – Development
    – Hardware and Software supplies
    – In the last 2 years we have been involved in multiple DPOS projects (Lisk, ARK, Rise, Oxy and more) as node maintainers, meeting organisers as well as conducting public speeches.


    – To Guarante node update
    – Be trasparent in their policy (sharing , future project etc)
    – Support the whole community of voters and investor in Tron ecosystem
    – Be supporting for dev and their ideas about new dapp
    – To Represent the excellence in node maintainance


    We share 100% of our reward until we  be in firs 27 position after that our plan is to share 70% though looking at pool competition we can think to share more.