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    Ready Support TRON be the Top One

    The dream of our community is to make everyone has free will.


    1.     Support TRON to do Cultural construction and promotion.

    2.     Organize community activities.

    3.     We are based in SZ, close to HK, close to Tencent, close to Qianhai Free Trade Area, there are a lot of young people to start-up business and a lot of developers, we will convince them to develop DApps on Tron. Start a business on Tron, and realize the dream on Tron.

    4.     We hope to see ecosystem blooming of the Tron, and we want to push it and being a witness.


    TRON ONE is the initial integral to measured the contribution of the member in the community. Since TRON is public chain, and there will be more and more people join in the TRON ONE, so TRON ONE will also be the first node token and ecology token on TRON.

    We hope more and more people get TRON ONE, which means more and more people will be the members of the biggest community of TRON.

    Now everybody in TRON ONE community will get TRON ONE token, the contributors will get more rewards of TRON ONE, and if you vote for us, you will also get rewards from the community. For example, vote 10000trx = 50000-150000 tron one (which depends on the block time 1 seconds or 3 seconds.)