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    Choose Bixin SR, in TRON power we trust

    Bixin is a comprehensive crypto platform that centers around its key role as off-chain wallet. We have been deeply involved in the business of cryptocurrency since 2014. Now Bixin has become one of the biggest offchain wallets; Bixin’s mining pool is among the top ten globally; Bixin investment is also one of the fastest rising capital/fund recently.


    Bixin has already built a whole ecosystem for TRON: besides the most basic sending/receiving tokens, Bixin supports sending red packets in TRON, doing escrow trading in TRON, dedicated group chat about TRON, flash-exchanging between TRON and bitcoin, OTC trading of TRON, and our BitMarket also allows for shopping with TRON.


    We still haven’t come up with a direct rewards distribution plan yet. But as we have gained much experience with EOS, LBTC, and ENU, I’m sure we will become a reliable TRON SR, which would prove to be most beneficial for the TRON holders in the community.