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    CryptoDiva is a globally leading blockchain capital group. Based on the CryptoDiva foundation, the group provides financial services for the blockchain capital market.

    Made up of technical and business experts from multiple fields, such as capital management, quantitative trading, financial information and user community, CryptoDiva is committed to creating an ecosystem combining traditional finance and blockchain technologies.

    Our members have participated in a number of major projects, such as the early-stage investment, quantitative product release, trading platform construction and pool fund of TRON.

    CryptoDiva is a competitive candidate for TRON Super Representative. We plan to use TRON protocol after projects like digital currency quantitative trading pool and ABS trading platform for physical assets are launched on Tron’s public blockchain main net.

    CryptoDiva is also developing its own capital management chain and program trading platform. Relying on its years’ worth experience in encrypted currency market transaction and project partners, CryptoDiva is to offer safe technologies and standard procedures for the investment and financing of encrypted currencies.

    We welcome more friends aspiring to build a sound capital ecosystem for encrypted currencies to join us so as to further the integration of blockchain and traditional finance.

    An Interview with TronLive


    A. Spare no efforts to promote TRX protocol within the community and launch over three blockchain financial projects based on the TRX protocol. 

    B. Cooperate with opinion leaders both at home and abroad to promote TRX protocol. Work together with authoritative official Weibo or WeChat accounts that own more than three million followers launching video courses to promote TRX.

    C. Regularly upgrade and expand the configuration of nodes and take active part in the ballot of community activities. 

    D. Hold online and offline sessions to promote TRX protocol. As there are many industry leaders in the WeChat groups of CryptoDiva, we will consider holding closed recommendation sessions that are regularly scheduled to invite more excellent enterprises to join in the TRX protocol, which can elevate the overall value of TRX after the launch of the TRX main net and thus benefit all TRX holders. 

    E. Release teaching materials on blockchain in partner with well-known publishers in China and add introductions of TRX protocol in the books. 

    F. Join hands with the Ministry of Commerce to organize blockchain trainings in which TRX protocol is promoted.