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    Discover the blockchain world with us!

    With over 6 years experience in application, mobile and enterprise development, we are a young and dynamic team of developers and business strategists located in Bucharest, Romania.

    Our team is built from individuals with various areas of expertise.
    We developed cores for banking system in Romania, founded JSgirls, a JavaScript community for developer girls in Romania and we have years experience as developers, delegates and investors in several crypto currencies.

    In order to support growth of the TRON community, our “Develop and spread the word about TRX” strategy includes organizing meetups and hackathons in Romania and not only.


    We have a strong technical plan for the infrastructure, thus we are investing 10% of our rewards in securing and upgrading our nodes.

    This percentage will be periodically reviewed in order to guarantee a high uptime for our nodes.

    We think the security and stability of the TRON network is one of
    the most important objectives that a SR must have.

    As well, to ensure security and stability, our servers have
    failover scripts and Anti-DDoS. We also plan to add other backup nodes to the main server in different regions in the world.


    We support TRON community by donating 75% of the total rewards as follows:

    – 70% directly to our voters through our fully open-source TRX payments script

    – 2.5% for initiatives that come in need for the TRON project and community such as organizing livestreams and meetups,  developing useful tools for the project and other contributions regarding TRON

    – 2.5% for organizing our own meetups and hackathons.

    As for the local and international community, we are investing in
    organizing events, meetups and workshops for developers to increase the awareness of blockchain technology in Romania and Europe and to further develop tools and applications to help and grow the industry.

    We already held our 1st TRON Meetup in Romania on June 12!