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    CryptoGuyInZA, Giving back to the community

    I am 34 years old and reside in South Africa, my name is Louis. I work as IT consultant and have been working in IT for over 13 years. I have exposure working with various pieces of software and can adapt as needed. I have a personal passion for Cryptos and taking this journey with the Tron community.

    An Interview with TronLive


    CryptoGuyInZA commits to running a Super Representative node that is secure and reliable. Up and above running a Super Representative node CryptoGuyInZA will be a community man by
    1) Educating Tron community with Youtube videos as seen on my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWH5PPPq9nbUhFB-qxDYtgA?view_as=subscriber
    2) Educating Tron community with other social posts on reddit, medium and twitter. Basically growing the Tron community which will help your tron holding value.
    3) Provide nodes for future tron testnet and tron betanet networks.
    4) Share rewards with the community.


    CryptoGuyInZA will be sharing rewards with it’s voters and also provide donations to fuel new tron projects that will help the community. The incentives will be structured as below

    • Tron will be used to increase hardware capacity for my SR slot.
    • As hardware capacity needs are met then the amounts of Tronix retained will be less and more will be given to the community.
    • I will immediately start sharing with Tron community when in top 27 and creating blocks, Tronix will be shared by launching several initiatives to promote Tron. From launch my share percentage will increase drastically to be sharing up to 85% of Tronix (after hardware expenses) with ecosystem in the form of 70%-75% with voters, 5%-10% to donate to development projects within ecosystem. All payments made to Tron voters with balances above a specific % on a regular basis! % to be determined based on transaction expenses at a later stage.
    • Any Tron remaining will be left in Tron network for future funding. No Tronix will be withdrawn for my own benefit in the first year.