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An interview with TRONSR – CryptoGuyinZA

Hi Crypto Guy In South Africa, my name is Jason, I will be representing TronLive to conduct this interview with you today. Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

I am 34 years old and reside in South Africa, my name is Louis. I work as IT consultant and have been working in IT for over 13 years. I have exposure working with various pieces of software and can adapt as needed. I have a personal passion for CryptoCurrencies and taking this journey with the Tron community.

I believe that most people involved in Cryptocurrencies are outside of the African continent, would like to be one of the first real independent ambassador for CryptoCurrencies in Africa and want Tron to be one of those Cryptocurrencies. I strongly believe Cryptocurrencies should be for the people and independent people like me will add value.

How do you get into the blockchain field? How do you think about Cryptocurrency in general?

So for work, I work with various pieces of software and in the last few years there has been more and more discussions about blockchain technology and uses of this technology for everyday businesses. I then did my own investigations and the more I looked at this technology and what can be done the more I became more curious, the more time I invested into this the more I became a fan of blockchain. The result is now I’m a big fan of this technology and dabbling in cryptocurrencies like Tron.

Nice. Can you let us know when did you first came in contact with TRON, what’s your opinion on it?

The first time I came into contact with Tron I would say was in late 2017, the project had an interesting concept to decentralize the internet, but what was really interesting was the fact that Tron wanted to move beyond just having a coin that represents fiat value/currency. As time went on I became fonder of Tron as they were active, development was on track and was super impressed on how they kept to timelines while other cryptocurrencies have been lagging and missing timelines.

Yep. TRON is on track so far. Anyway, why did you decide to join the TRON SR election?

I have invested a lot of time in cryptocurrencies, enjoy the communities and enjoy the technology. The next step for me on my journey was to get more involved and help grow this community. To get more involved it first started with me just playing with a node, having a look at it, it evolved from first in Africa, node in top 5 of the testnet, then hey why not a guy from Africa for a Tron SR.  So I then submitted an application for TronSR!

Good to have you onboard. We haven’t seen you talking about your team, is Crypto Guy In South Africa a one-man show? Do you manage everything by yourself for now

Interesting question, right now it is just me. But regarding teams, Tron have eluded one should have a team. But if we look at other dpos coins with nodes like Lisk, Ark, Shift, etc. Those nodes are run by crypto enthusiasts and are usually an individual. The nodes here make use of technology to ensure uptime, failover and a smooth running of the node. Also if we look at Tron TestNet in the past or MainNet currently you will see that it is the crypto enthusiasts like me or small teams of crypto enthusiasts actively participating. None of the big teams running for Tron SR are actively testing, actively giving feedback to Tron developers or helping grow the community. Each TestNet iteration I’m one of the first nodes to bounce back and get into elected position to ensure I learn as much as possible on running a node so that I can run a node successfully on Tron Independence Day. Knowledge of running a node is vital to ensure the integrity of the network, also you don’t want to miss blocks as the more you miss the fewer rewards, which impacts the rewards you share with voters. So it is critical to run the node successfully.

Do you have plans on expanding and recruiting more members in the near future?

To be honest, right now I haven’t given it much thought. I enjoy the Tron community as an individual and want to share my passion with the community and make a difference in the community. I did not seek out people to do this with me as the enjoyment on my own is already rewarding enough. If I do team up in the future it would be with active individual/individuals bringing value to Tron already.

That’s good. We checked your current official website cryptoguyinza.co.za and noticed that you are good at providing education material. How often will you be sharing these TRON education materials? What else will you be sharing with the community this month?

So yes, this correct. I believe being a Tron SR is more than just about running a node but about also growing the community. So a good way for me to get involved and grow the community is to enable newcomers or people interested. I will be creating more videos with some being how to guides and with others promoting Tron SR elections. I released one yesterday. Will also be providing a text-based version of my videos on medium for people that prefer to read. Content released now is to address questions from people asking how to get ready for Independence Day or exciting news/developments leading up to that time. After Independence Day the videos will evolve on how to use other parts of tron.

I’m sure the community will look forward to it. Will you have any future activities specifically to promote this TRON SR event?

Definitely more how-to videos, I have created a process flow to help people with migration from erc20 token to Tron token with each step having a video. So more videos for that will be released. I’m looking at other things like live streams.

Awesome! In general, why do you think Tronics should support your team? What incentive does the community have?

Really at the end of the day, I want to be a community man, so I will be giving back to the community by

  • Running a node and being ACTIVE in mainnet and future TestNets. It is critical to test with Tron developers going forward
  • Make content to help individuals in tron community in the form of videos, medium posts, etc.
  • Assist in growing the Tron community
  • Share my rewards with my voters, looking at 75% with voters and 5% as donations to developers creating/developing exciting content.

So really if you want someone that is passionate about Tron, giving back to the community and eager to assist. Vote for me!

Well done! Before we end this interview, is there any last words you would like to share with the community?

There are several ways you can support me, here are a few

  • Provide feedback on the content I put out. Mail me if there is specific content/subject that will assist the community
  • Retweet and like my content to grow the reach of the Tron community, upvote my Reddit content if it is good.
  • Be part of the Tron community and add value so we can grow Tron together

But the best way to show support leading up to Tron SR elections is to come out and vote for me or any other candidate that you believe is helping grow the community.