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    We are DON GIATTI, a young, innovative and independent beverage company rooted in Switzerland. In 2013 the Swiss market got hit with a premium party liqueur: DON GIATTI was born! In 2015 DON GIATTI hits the Asian and German markets thanks to its local success, a leveraged international network and great social media presence. Passion, Swissness and the spirit of the young, innovative founders as the DNA of the company proofs to be a winning formula for expansion. In mid 2017 DON GIATTI implements the possibility to pay with crypto currencies in their online store. The team behind DON GIATTI are early investors in TRON Foundation and its cryptocurrency TRX.


    • Teaming up with TRON and helping to extend TRON’s network and TRON’s real world presence with our campaigns “TRX in a bottle” and “TRON GIATTI – Limited Edition”.
    • Building  a strong community and showing the world what opportunities and possibilities TRON and its network have to offer. To support the TRON Foundation and the community we will provide live streams, meetups and participate in TRON’s education events.
    • Our responsibilities as a Super Representative are not solely in providing witness, seed and future test (research/development/architectures/designs) nodes but rather to build a robust network capable of running Dapps, that will run 24/7/365. In the long run TRON is building a decentralized internet platform and DON GIATTI is committed to build a solid CDN (content delivery network) platform with our IT-team that provides and support the network with CPU, Memory and Storage for Trons Virtual Machine.


    So far, we have planned the steps below to promote TRON outside the already existing community. 50% of the rewards will be given back to the TRON community directly, irrespective of the market value per TRX! Our approaches so far:

    • If we are voted as SR for the TRON community, all regular DON GIATTI bottles will support TRON: TRX in a bottle! The TRON logo and a short description of TRON will be applied on every bottle and a TRX reward program for the buyer will be implemented. The buyer is able to redeem TRX out of every bottle of DON GIATTI (2.5%).
    • In addition, we will produce the world’s first crypto-branded liqueur! The “TRON GIATTI Liqueur – Limited Edition” will serve as a tribute to the TRON Foundation and its amazing community, fusing the unique design of both brands. The new product shall be celebrated accordingly. The bottles can only be bought with crypto currencies. If they are bought with TRX, customers will get a 5% discount.
    • As a TRON SR we will initiate a TRON GIATTI Foundation, which acts as a funding pool for community projects and sponsoring. Through this foundation, we will organize entrepreneurial meetups and workshops, act as a project-scout with focus on digitalization/blockchain implementation and build connections within and beyond the TRON community (2.5%).
    • 45% will go to voters directly as an incentive for voting. We intend to payout the voters daily. In addition, the reward distribution is relative to votes cast, i.e. the more votes you give us relative to other voters, the more TRX you’ll receive.