Superstring READ is a digital asset tokens based on blockchain technology. It means that reading rights is closely related to the author’s writing and reader interaction. It must be achieved through readers’ contribution to the work. It will become a medium for contributing resources between writers and readers, inspiring writers to create excellent works, and allowing readers to enjoy a high-quality reading experience. READ aims to create the concept of “shared reading” and “shared copyright” through a new business model and a blockchain-based Token incentive mechanism. It encourages writers and readers to participate in the establishment of an interactive community and interactive book, and established a council which are given the right to know, the right to propose and the right of supervision. It will make LIANZAI a social reading investment community, and truly realize the benign ecology of “free reading for readers and earn money by writing of writers”.


    Superstring READ plans to support the TRON community by donating 50% of the total rewards, as follows:

    1. 25% –used for the joint marketing activities of TRON community users and Superstring READ community users, such as organizing live broadcasts and gatherings, as well as corresponding network draws, to create more favorable atmosphere for the mutual friendly exchanges between the community users of both sides.
    2. 25%–used to encourage and organize developer activities, we will encourage and support all developers to create more Chinese characteristics online literature (Chinese martial arts)products on TRON main network. This part of the funds will be used to support and fund related teams and individuals.


    Our “Development and Promotion of TRX” strategy includes planning to drop TRX candy crystals for 500,000 LIANZAI users when TRON mainnet is online, increasing the exposure of the TRX brand and adding more TRX followers. In addition, we will also plan more community user interaction activities.