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    By the Community, For the Community

    Team Tronics, built by community leaders for the community. We want to give our community more knowledge about TRON, DApp development and all there is to know about Blockchain technology.

    Announcement from SR

    TronicsUniversity, Mass adoption, Awareness of TRX
    A vote for Team TRONICS is a vote for the community, a vote for education, a vote for mass adoption & awareness of TRX & importantly network stability

    An Interview with TronLive


    Team Tronics will maintain network stability & provide network expansion. We also will start an online Blockchain university to help spread the knowledge & educate the vast community, beginner and expert, to develop themselves into the Blockchain technology, Crypto knowledge in general, and being able to build DApps on the TRON network. We will do so by offering courses through Tronics University. Driving adoption & spreading awareness of Blockchain technology & the TRON protocol. Building a positive, educated & interactive community.


    Every supporter can join Tronics University, even if you own TRX or not. We are here to educate, educate everyone who wants to invest in Crypto but has no idea where to start. People do not have to pay for it, they get paid! Every time a student finishes a course, quiz or program, they will receive a certain amount of TRX. But besides that, they earn points. With those points, they can have a bronze, silver or gold membership which will help them even further. When someone has a gold membership, if he or she wants, they can be trained to become a teacher of Blockchain technology!

    But besides that, looking at the short term, we will give TRX for every vote we get.

    100% of all rewards airdropped daily, back to the community for the month of July

    85% of all rewards airdropped daily, back to the community as of August.

    Team Tronics aim to accelerate its growth, distribute the greatest rewards and become the most transformative leadership community. As community Super Representative we will enrich the lives of the community so that it will benefit the tron ecosystem.