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An interview with TRONSR – CCC

Hello Kin, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jason from TronLive and I will be conducting this interview with you today. So, let us start now. Can you give us a brief introduction yourself?

My name is Kin Kendall, I am the founder, creator, and coder of the Charity Compassion Coin (CCC). I reside in the United States, but I have traveled throughout the world extensively, mainly among the societies that live and thrive in the natural lands and self-sustaining among non-modern day lifestyles. I have noticed the modern ways of how he is living within society together have a large impact on people who reside in the original ways of survival from past teachings and older traditions being upheld, that more and more these people are finding themselves displaced. So my strong focus for this blockchain based project and foundation is to give a modern way of trust within philanthropy and with transparency through the advancements of blockchain technology, not only to serve our modern societal ways in humanitarian aid needs, but also the charitable giving needs and help in sustaining the ways of old traditions among cultural societies natives needing to survive and thrive this way.

That is very kind of you Kin. Can you let the community know more about Charity Compassion Coin (CCC)?

We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place.

With the help of blockchain technology we ensure Governments and International powers that be, can recognize the ability of Charity Compassion Coin’s ability to seamlessly integrate any size of needed humanitarian aid and relief funds.

These funds and aid are the needed miracles to succeed rebuilding even the most devastating issues at hand in the suffering world and human race globally.

Together we succeed these miracles step by step, moment by moment, until any and all global sufferings are healed and once again safe, back into stability.

Charity Compassion Coin is the tool for these miracles to be answered.

Well, we all like miracles. Since nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place, can you describe how do you think this can be achieved?

Charity Compassion Coin gives the ability to have a broad range of utility function. I don’t say that because of the broad usage of the utility token term, but in that there really is a diverse way I have design and created Charity Compassion Coin and its ecosystem website to function and thrive as.

From a serious approach of solving aspects of trust and transparency through my coding with the advancements of blockchain technology, governments and any humanitarian relief aid establishment, along with any global charitable foundation may easily utilize charity compassion coin cryptocurrency for securing philanthropic and humanitarian aid relief funds through our network and blockchain. Smart contracts surrounding around each movement of funding procured establishments an unhackable environment of full privacy of anonymity, and full transparency of viewable blockchain explorers through the transition wallet to wallet globally in a matter of lightening speed times and into the direct source of exchange into any currency type and towards the overall goal of survival based foods and supplies needing to outfit any occurrence and situation needing funding and aid relief at the soonest possible time and instance. This is the concept at the core and the current ability of Charity Compassion Coin for the global powers that be. Truly giving the world we have currently at hand a better chance of trust and transparency of charitable giving to always see where funding is and to give full protection and privacy of such funds at the same time.

In the other aspect of Charity Compassion Coin’s ability is the core concept of teaching our youth the ability to truly helping and serving the entire world around us in need of help always. With Charity Compassion Coin’s design, the ability for a school teacher, youth mentor leader, and mothers and fathers to build custom charitable projects through the Charity Compassion Coin’s GIVE Builder section of the online ecosystem takes fundraising to the future of social and technological advancements of science and giving back in life. Teaching our youth and children to be leaders, healers and helpers are the core concept of keeping the modern world with all of its trials and tribulations better together and stable with a down to earth simple and easy way of trusting Charitable giving on the blockchain advancements of today’s modern world. Better serving tomorrows togetherness.

In an example, a teacher or parent can work together with their students and children to allow and teach children to build their own idea of a GIVE Build project of fundraising and charity towards a good cause. Whether it be to serve the next town over school with less resources in classrooms, or a school in another country, Charity Compassion Coin’s core concept and current ability bring this to truth with our direct help to you the child, teacher and parent. With set meetings of conference, the CCC GIVE Build team will help you meet and market your project of fundraising for the charitable cause and need of your creation.

Whether it be moving the raised fund directly to the source seeing to and meeting the security our blockchain technology advancement brings or moving through the blockchain funds into tangible needs like school supplies for a school in another part of the world. Either way we see to these causes that they are fulfilled, even with our own team of personnel distributing the funds and supplies directly to the source, all with you the creator, the teacher, child and or parent fully with the ability to witness your raised funds and smart contract supplies moving through the blockchain explorer at any time always. We can pride ourselves to now be able to give the fullest ability of security and unalterable trust you deserve for your charitable and compassionate efforts of helping in life, anywhere globally. Bringing further the core concept of happiness to those in need, and happiness in ourselves in our children, students and youth to see them involved and interested in modern technological learning and social sciences towards true maturity of growth as leaders and good people for the way tomorrows world will be.

Thanks for sharing these in such details, Kin. Well, some people do not trust donation organization because how the funds will be used are uncleared. How will CCC tackle this issue? Since CCC is on blockchain, will all donations be transparent?

Once more, not only are we a Charity Foundation and Organization, we are as well a technology sector entity all in one. This is the reason why within itself I have built Charity Compassion Coin from the ground up in our tangible world and digital space of global transactions, to solve the ability of trust among each other and to place the power of the philanthropist, the charity shopper, and the world powers and entities that be back into the hands of a decentralized community way of giving. Charity Compassion Coin is the worlds before it is its own.

The concept of managing your own Charitable Giving with full transparency of where your philanthropic based funding is at all times though seeing it in real time on the unalterable and un-hackable blockchain movements from point A to B always. The concept of customizable ability of the Charity Compassion Coin’s GIVE Builder tool for building charitable projects, along with privacy of who is giving and where it is going to always secure as well gives the trust back into the hands of your own creation of giving in life as a compassionate loving being. The concept of international powers to provide vast movements of humanitarian funding through Charity Compassion Coin’s blockchain technology utility tool of full security and privacy gives the ability to make the difference of easing suffrages and natural disasters and misfortunes of innocents in unethical wars and terrorism to remain saved and survived by way of the utmost acuity of true social and technological sciences Charity Compassion Coin tests and can certainly succeed in providing forth for the global powers and United Nations together in succeeding the rebuilding and compassion of serving the survival of humanity each and every day and moment, is the core of Charity Compassion Coin’s concept, ability and succeeding aspect that is brought forth.

So, can you let us know why CCC joined the TRON SR election?

Tron’s network and professionalism of seriousness of moving forward in advancements have allowed myself Kin to really allow an accordance of introduction and trust into believing in Tron’s ability to integrate Charity Compassion Coin into its main network, for security reasons, transaction speeds that through current testing are seamless and lightning fast, along with the concept of a decentralized community space for a democratic ecosystem of Tron’s network I feel is the core reason I have been attracted so much towards Tron and becoming an official candidate as a Super Representative I feel can heighten the success of CCC’s transaction rate of speed, stabilization, and minimal and kosher transactional fee rates for such serious needs movements of relief and charitable fundings and project GIVE Builds.

That’s nice. What else can CCC offer to make better the ecosystem of TRON?

Through the current work toward test net node runnings and upkeep to further integrate into main net node upkeep and runnings, as well as the transactional rates of Charitable Aid funding and the creation of the Tron network based Charity Compassion Coin to integrate from the struggling Ethereum network will serve both Tron and Charity Compassion Coin long-term relations of friendship and success together through daily and yearly transactions.

Can you let us know how will you be distributing your rewards if you are selected as TRON SR?

The distribution of rewards for being elected as a TRON SR I feel needs to go towards the dire needs of the great suffrages in the world of people, natural ecosystem stability and sustainability, and the advancements of how modern technology can succeed at this rather than further disparage and cause suffrage away from compassionate acts of helping and kindness. With the support of the Charity Compassion Coin (CCC)’s growth and to become a household name the sheer ability to reward those in need of such survival to live is what is kosher and best fitting, whether it was to be through handing compassionate help to aided needs through those utilizing CCC through Tron’s main network, or I myself giving the needed relief directly anywhere in the world by my own hand I pledge as a candidate as a TRON SR to give back to reward those that need it most as an act of my self compassion and medication of my heart.

It’s good for you to share the rewards you get. Do you have any future activities specifically to promote this TRON SR event and let more user know about CCC?

The continuation of social media marketing, the growing user following of those interested in Charity Compassion Coin, and the founded live stream interviews with top youtube reviewer specific to legitimate up and coming Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology based reviewers to fully bring and keep the TRON foundation growing leading up to the elections and year to year-long term thereafter for both TRX and CCC.

Thanks, Kin. In general, why do you think Tronics should support CCC?

Again this brings me back to my personal accounts of research into different blockchain based technological projects and abilities for Charity Compassion Coin’s ability, design of function, and core concept to remain as reality and I have found the research into Tron and my investments into the TRX crypto type to serve with its main network and seamless speed and TPS fee rates to be unmatched so far of any other cryptocurrency and blockchain technology type globally. So the accords are mine to support Tron and I am humbled to just merely be here with my own concept and foundation of Charity Compassion Coin to be a part of the coming forth of the Tronic main network and long-term relations together.

Alright, is there anything else you want to share with the community?

Thank you for remaining open and I pray for us all to awaken to the great benefits TRON has to offer the world and technology sector of business, entertainment, finance, and in my own vision and heartfelt compassion, the ability of helping the world becomes a better happier place together and through the modernity we all are connected with in on way or another, I pray it remains for good and for love. Thank you again for sharing kind space and for being here together with a sense of compassionate responsibility towards our better selves and towards a better more compassionate world overall.