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An interview with TRONSR – Next Genius

Hello Li Wen, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself and let us know your role in Next Genius?

Hi my name is Karina, Chinese name Li Wen, I am a technologist with 10 years of industry experience in digital transformation. I am also a co-founder of Next Genius Community in Sydney Australia.

Next Genius is a promising name. Can you let us know what Next Genesis do?

Next Genius is an Australia based blockchain community providing industry leading blockchain technologies. We are the largest Chinese community of blockchain enthusiasts, learners, and entrepreneurs in Southern Hemisphere. As passionate believers and practitioners of decentralised blockchain values, we believe in lifelong learning through helping each other, helping communities to develop and businesses to succeed.

How’s blockchain and cryptocurrency influence in Australia? What about Australian’s view on TRON?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is certainly gathering momentum in Australia. With rich experience running an advanced economy with a sophisticated financial market, the local regulators – a.k.a ASIC, ATO, and AUSTRAC – have taken a supportive approach to emerging technologies and have been exploring options to supervise the industry without strangling innovation. As AUSTRAC opened its crypto registry in early 2018, we started seeing overseas projects moving their HQ to Australia, seeking compliance with a regulatory environment that is generally acceptable to the rest of the world for its higher regulatory standards. Blockchain is also introduced into major businesses, we are seeing the ranks of AIMS, ASX, and big banks venturing into the startup space, even collaborated to fund Fintech innovation centres. On the technology front, we are seeing truly inspiring opinion leaders and smart contract guru like Bokky Bu Pah leading a group of brilliant young minds to explore the frontier of smart contract design and audit.

The DAPP space is certainly booming too, with leading projects like Liven, Playup, Leek ICO actively seeking not only investors but also the holy grail – consumers. They acknowledge that it is time to show investors non-speculative return via delivering real outcomes, and that’s the space where Next Genius Community and its brother company Next Block comes into play.

Australian’s view on TRON – It is a mixed view. Lovers love it and refer it to their network, while some others still hold the prejudice which is not only against TRON, but also generally against crypto and blockchain. The reality is that anything worthy of attention will generally attract views from both sides, and it is one of our missions to correct the misunderstanding and cultivate the culture of innovation, allowing people to make mistakes throughout experiments before making real advancements. It is our mission to prove to them that just like them, Tron is for the greater good of the community albeit maybe taking a different path.

Can you let the community know how technology can raise our next-genius?

Technology is the enabler for brilliant young minds to shine, through not only multiplied effects of their genuine efforts to build something different, but more importantly, change people’s perspective of what their potentials really are, what problems they can really solve, and what lifestyle they can really create for the local and global community.

Please share with the community why Next Genius decided to join as TRON SR.

Tron is run by an impressive young man who gave it a real shot. Despite being subject to great adversity, he still marches ahead with tenacity and determination. He is not perfect, but we couldn’t agree more with his view that the world needs challengers who may violate rules, because they can have great achievement if led to the right direction. His acute business acumen, energy and vigor, bold vision and a mix of idealism and pragmatism, has made him the perfect symbolic icon of blockchain, which is not born to be liked but born to disrupt. And surely, Jack Ma has seen it in him too.

From the product perspective, Tron has very good team of developers, investors and advisers. Tron’s CEO is Justin Sun, who is the protege of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba group. We also believe in giving back the data ownership back to the creators which are the users will truly benefit internet users.

Can you briefly describe the incentive you have for the community if you are selected as TRON SR?

We will provide live stream to supports who could also enjoy large percentage of our revenue on a pro rata basis.

We know that you have hosted several live streams and meetups, can you share with us what have been covered and how’s the result?

We shared tron development experience, discussed potential projects can be built on Tron. Everyone was excited about supporting Tron in becoming a truly decentralised internet!

How else do you think Next Genius can help to aid the growth of TRON?

We can first of all build out the local community that are of a certain demography – they are capable individuals that are curious about future technology and are fast learners and adopters of new ideas. They are quite often educated young people who could not realize their full potential due to glass ceilings or bureaucracy in corporate Australia, looking broadly to grow personally and professionally. We will then build out project mass demonstration capability with benefits returned to the audience, building value, building rapport, and building a good reputation for Tron and ourselves. The next step is to build and refine our technology platform that connects projects with various resources that can accelerate their growth, removing some common barriers. We will then migrate some of the successful models to different industry sectors, bringing in individuals and companies with deep industry expertise who are looking to disrupt their own industries with blockchain, in this way we proactively build a pipeline of projects that will join and expand the Tron eco-system. In return, we need strong support from Tron to boost our resources and give us a kick start.

In summary, can you let the community know why Tronics should support Next Genius?

First of all, Australia as a key global blockchain innovation hub and a market close to China with great diversity and spending power is not to be overlooked when building a truly global business. Secondly, we have gathered a group of passionate and capable individuals with a bold and achievable plan, and with the right fulcrum we can move the world.

Before we end this interview, is there anything else you would like to share with the community?

Please vote for us – the Next Genius Community!