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TRON Weekly Report 2018/06/30-2018/07/06

Last week, TRON project went smoothly. We provided the progress of this week to all the supporters, believers and followers.

Technical Development

Work Completed:
1. [Structure] Optimized the scoring mechanism.
2. [Consensus] Supplemented tests; improved relevant documents.
3. [Wallet] Added a demo on PHP address format transcoding.

Work In Progress:
1. [Structure] Develop the virtual machine.
2. [Consensus] Add committee mechanism.
3. [Wallet] Add HTTP interface; support exchange sync-up.

Community Activities

1. On June 30th, TRON super representative election has won support and attention from many community enthusiasts after starting, who actively joined to vote TRX for their favorite super representatives. In order to let everyone know the process of voting for super representatives, we’ve launched the community event of “Video Collection for TRON SR Voting Guidance”. From June 30 to July 8, we will select some outstanding videos and give out 10,000 TRX equally to their producers;

2. On July 4th, TRON & Gate.io jointly held the “TRON (TRX) Trading Contest”, i.e., anyone who forwards the “TRON (TRX) Trading Contest” tweet will gain 50,000 TRX random airdrops; anyone who wins the trading contest will get 1 million TRX awards. Please pay close attention to Gate.io’s official twitter @gate_io, Telegram Group, Instagram and TRON’s official public account for details;

3. On July 5th, in order to give a hand to Russian World Cup, TRON held a special candy event. Just join TRON telegraph group and enter the TRX mainnet wallet address, you will get 2 TRX for joining the group for the first time and extra 4 TRX every time you invite a friend. Every individual can only invite up to 150 people. We have prepared a lot of TRX candy for you to “taste”;

4. On July 5th, the first batch of 13 core TRONICS at home and abroad has been selected after careful screening. Thanks for the active participation of all fellow TRONICS. All core TRONICS are expected to actively assume the obligation, working together to build a new decentralized TRON protocol with community autonomy, free elections, and extensive legitimacy;

5. On July 5th, TRON & HuobiPro held the “WorldCup Champion” event for anyone to forward and comment on the designated Twitter (@Huobi_Pro & @Tronfoundation), and to guess the results of the World Cup. Participants with the right answer will be awarded 50 HT and 4570 TRX in total. The deadline is July 15 23:00.

Team and Partners

1.On June 30th, according to TRON official, Pornhub, the world’s largest adult video site, officially announced to accept TRX payment. As a porn video sharing site founded in 2007 in Montreal, Canada, Pornhub is one of the world’s largest pornographic video sharing sites. It is considered a pioneer of “pornography 2.0” and ranks 80th on Alexa (once reached Top 30). In 2010, Pornhub was acquired by another mysterious company, Manwin (later renamed MindGeek), which is based in Luxembourg, thus forming the world’s largest pornographic video alliance with its affiliates such as Youporn and Redtube. In June 2015, Pornhub planned to go to space to shoot adult films;

2. On June 30th, BitForex announced that BitForex had completed TRON mainnet upgrade and resumed TRX deposit and withdrawal, thus being able to receive and withdraw TRX mainnet assets;

3. On June 30th, Coinfalcon announced to recognize TRON’s mainnet stability and complete TRON’s mainnet upgrade and token migration. It now has resumed TRX deposit and withdrawal, thus being able to receive TRX mainnet assets;

4. On June 30th, TRON officially announced the information of TRON Canada as the super representative candidate. TRON Canada is an experienced technical team with influential community members located in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver has been an early pioneer of the crypto economy, and its tech-savvy and crypto-friendly community, coupled with Canada’s stable economy make Vancouver an ideal location for blockchain development and adoption.

5. On June 30th, TRON officially announced the information of CryptoChain as the super representative candidate. Based in Brazil, CryptoChain is a community of entrepreneurs who are enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with the goal of disseminating knowledge and technology around the world;

6. On July 1st, TRON officially announced the information of Tron Community Group (TCG) as the super representative candidate. Tron Community Group (TCG) is a technical team from Italy dedicated to making a professional contribution to the TRON ecosystem;

7. On July 1st, BJEX announced to complete TRON mainnet swap, transfer ERC20TRX assets held by all users into mainnet TRX assets in accordance with 1:1, and resume TRX deposit and withdrawal;

8. On July 2nd, TRON officially announced the information of TronCenter as the super representative candidate. As a technical team from Seattle, USA, TronCenter shares the same belief as TRON and is committed to extending the reach of TRON to everyone in the local community. TronCenter owns experience in multiple areas of development, including blockchain DAPP development, blockchain deployment and maintenance, web design, network infrastructure and security, and community organization and business development;

9. On July 3rd, OKEx announced to complete TRON mainnet swap and resume TRX deposit and withdrawal;

10. On July 3rd, Huobi Pro announced that TRX mainnet had been launched. Withdrawal of the TRX old coin has been unavailable on Huobi Pro at 21:00, July 3 (GMT+8), and the deposit of the new coin will be available at 18:00, July 4 (GMT+8);

11. On July 4th, TRON officially announced the information of zhizhu.top as the super representative candidate. Focusing on the ecological construction of blockchain nodes, zhizhu.top provides professional, three-dimensional services such as mining pools, mining machine trading, and mining machine hosting. It now has obtained the strategic investment from huobi group and node capital;

12. On July 5th, TRON officially announced the information of TronJapan as the super representative candidate. Founded in 2018 in Roppongi, Tokyo, TronJapan is committed to promoting TRON development and organizing developers to build the TRON ecosystem. They will also host TRON-related events. As developers’ supporters, they are dedicated to building a competitive Dapp in Japan, making TronJapan the most competitive super representative in Japan.

Market Transactions

1. On July 3rd, according to google trends, the search volume of TRON has surpassed Ethereum and ranked third among all cryptocurrencies over the past six months. The top four are NEO, EOS, TRON and Ripple. Most of Google’s users are located abroad. It can be seen that TRON’s recent actions, including the mainnet launch, token migration, super representative election, and TVM (TRON virtual machine) test release, have received extensive attention from foreigners. TRON is committed to promoting the decentralization of the Internet and building infrastructure for the decentralized Internet. With the help of the Internet, TRX is widely recognized by domestic and foreign speculators and has become a leader in both domestic and foreign money markets. In the future, choosing TRON will also become a trend.