This page will contain all TRON SR representatives and candidates that had an interview with TronLive.
Accounts to manage their profiles were just recently handed to TRON SR so check back often for updated info from SR.

A solid TRON SR will continue to offer stability to the TRON network and bring good projects to the community.
Some SR will also offer direct rewards to voters, this is indicated on the Rewards column.

TRON SR Website Interview Announcement Rewards TronScan
SkyPeopleskypeople.co.kr 80% Reward / 2% coin airdrop80% VOTE
CryptoGirlscryptogirls.ro Elected SR by the TRON Community!70% VOTE
Team Tronicsteamtronics.org TronicsUniversity, Mass adoption, Awareness of TRX85% VOTE
CryptoChaincryptochain.network Trail to the TOP85% VOTE
Sesameseedsesameseed.org 80% rewards + DApp investment opportunities!80% VOTE
TrIP4webtrip4web.com VOTE
Community Nodetron.communitynode.org Community Node Launches First Open Source Project!78% VOTE
Measurable Data Token(MDT)mdt.co MDT, your data should be making money for you VOTE
ZADEAzadea.it On our way to top 27100% VOTE
CryptoGuyinZAcryptoguyinza.co.za VOTE
CCCcharitycompassioncoin.com 🕊Charity Compassion Coin CCC Announcements Board!🕊100% VOTE
READread.io N/A
Don Giattidongiatti.com N/A
Bixinbixin.com VOTE
RightBTCrightbtc.com VOTE
Hello Worldhelloworld.services VOTE
34rthtron.34rth.com VOTE
TronDAGdagbvi.com VOTE
Infinity Stonesinfinitystones.io VOTE
Next Geniusnextgenius.com.au VOTE
CryptoDivacryptodiva.io VOTE
Odysseyocoins.cc N/A
TronOnetronone.com VOTE
Free Spacefreespacewifi.com VOTE